Saturday Reset

Part of the personal work I'm doing with myself this year is taking greater care of my mental health. After the last fews years and its traumas, mental health care and a return to things that simply make me happy are in the mix for 2022.


Making sure I find time for those things is my 'one small daily step' in pursuit of that happiness.


More recently, I've started working with a life coach whose area of work is usually with women and adventure coaching. While I'm not a typical adventurer, there are parts of my life that make up what adventure means for me - the brave things I'd like to have more of in my life.

As I get stuck into my 30's, a day never feels quite long enough. Throw in work, family life and ..well just life really, and I found myself starting to feel rather out of touch with myself.


Keeping creativity at the heart of my day, making time for adventure, learning to be kinder to myself and prioritising the type of relationships I feel comfortable with as a woman and mother has opened up a version of myself I almost didn't recognise anymore.


Thinking about these traumas, relationships and the work around care and mental health support led me onto a series of illustrations to try and capture these experiences in a moment, acknowledge that sometimes we find ourselves in these moments and celebrate the times we are able to rise from them.