It's the Jacket

I'm obsessed with oversized jackets but haven't yet tested one out. The plus side of living in a small, quaint, Italian beach town is that you live in a quaint, Italian beach town that looks like something from a postcard. The other side, is that variety in anything, including clothing stores is at a minimum. Throw in a bit of pandemic, lockdowns and no travel as I waited for my green pass and there hasn't been much in the line of shopping for me. 

Call me old school - but I'm not a big online shopper. I like to try a thing, test it and feel it out. For me there's also not many things more disappointing than ordering something that doesn't fit, having to do the return and waiting for another to arrive. I mean, who has the time? Add my short and curvy build and you generally aren't shopping without trying it on first.

With trips to Rome now on the cards, I'm a gorgeous hour train ride away from Rome so I took myself late night shopping to try out this little number and love how versatile they are. 
All colours will be purchased next.

Look 1: Around town in Anzio
Look 2: Rome for pizza and drinks with new expat friends

Look 3: Sunset grocery shopping & coffee

Jacket: H&M

T-shirt with Illustration: My own design
Everything else: random bits from my wardrobe