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Working with & supporting online communities to help them grow, scale and gain a wider presence with their audience - helping to create meaningful and sustainable engagement with your community & its members.

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View my verified achievement from Facebook as one of the first people in the world

to ever to receive a certification as a Community Manager 2020

Want to know more about the communities I support and work with, check out:

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This Mum Runs

The world's largest running community for Mums.

100 000+ women - 500+ free runs per month - 60 communities around the UK -  International communities launching soon!

The world's first running App by Mums, for Mums (launched Spring 2020)

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Girl Gone International

The worlds largest community of  women living outside their country of birth

500k women  -  200 cities  -  15k meetups   -  8 million reach per month