Community & Creativity

Mandy September

Community leader in the female digital space


Community Support and Development

Scaling, growing and empowering communities to foster meaningful connections with a strong digital and in-person offering.

- One of the first 50 people in the world to become a certified Meta Community Manager.
- worked with communities that have been recognised as the top 100 most meaningful communities by Facebook.
- 50+ international communities launched, supported and impacted
- international and local experience in community support
- leader, mentor and training support for 100's of volunteers


Creativity &Diversity

Using creativity to support and share diverse stories and teaching organisations how to lead with this

- educator in creative content for communities
- training and program development in DEI practices and telling diverse stories
- creator and illustrator with over 2 million GIF views


Brand &Storytelling

Building strong brand identity around storytelling to grow and engage a community or audience.

- building from Fashion Design, marketing and styling experience to understand and develop your unique brand story
- explore how to build your brand around storytelling
- using creative and digital tools to share the brand vision and connect with an audience or community

Outreach and support


Community workshops and programs designed for small female lead enterprises to learn from the best community practices on how to uplift their brands

- open skillset sharing to support communities
- uplifting women and youth
- programs and workshops designed to share international best practices at grassroots level

About me

One of the first 50 people in the world to become a certified
Meta Community Manager (2020).
View my Credly certification below.
South African multidisciplinary creative living between
Europe and South Africa over the past 10 years, working with
and supporting a range of international brands and organisations.
Creative, writer and illustrator exploring feminine forms
and experiences and a multi-cultural background.
Communities and organisation I have worked with:


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